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SANDY HILL, Strandpaviljoen/Beachclub 25, Strandafgang Barnaart 25, 2041 KB Zandvoort, tel. +31 (0)23 571 2047, info@sandyhill.nl

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Sandy Hill has been founded in 1966, but even before 1966 there was a beach pavilion of the Kemp family. This family traded in coals in winter and in summer they operated the beach pavilion, then named to the family. In 1966 Simon Jan v/d Staay took over the pavilion and looked for another name. For a new, good name he did a poll among his friends, but this did not give a name which satisfied him. One day Simon saw a land house in Noordwijk named Sandy Hill's and the new name was born. Indeed the beach pavilion is built on an (artificial) hill of sand. Then a friend of him designed the logo: the name Sandy Hill as a sand hill.

At a certain moment Simon Jan v/d Staay had his holidays in California and there he discovered the wave surfing and then he took a surf board back home. He was the first wave surfer of Zandvoort! From there, Sandy Hill has become the best and most sociable surf centre of Zandvoort

In 1993 Peter Kettmann became the new owner. He has simply continued the surf trend: much wind)surfing and catamaran sailing and there is also plenty of "kite surfing". Fortunately, in addition to all sporting elements of Sandy Hill there is also time to go out and relax on the sunbeds, talk on the terrace, take a snack and a drink or enjoy one of the many (company) parties, BBQ's, weddings or reunions.

From 2008 Ton Ruiter and Esther van Oijen are the owners of this pavilion. Also for the season in 2017 they have their plans to make sense for you again.

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Sandy Hill: the old-fashioned cozy location on the beach of Zandvoort, highly recommended!